Monday, 3 November 2014

Where there's a Will . . .

For the past two years FD has been proud to be associated with Tony Lythgoe who has been both the brief setter and client for FD2 as they put their professional heads on. But we are happy to see him go . . . [Ed : what?] . . . as Tony has been so busy with new clients and new projects he was unable be part of this years Design and Production module.

But FD was happy to send out a tentative invitation to one of the courses oldest and most influential supporters in the hope that the company principal would offer assistance.

Will Bentley of BD2 – a mere hop-skip-and-a-jump across Mesnes Park who has been a great help with previous quality inspections, has offered placement to FD students, been to talk with the groups  and of late employed one of our graduates did agree to be our industry eagle-eye.

The editor had arranged FD2 into five groups and asked each to provide three possible re-brand or re-launch options. Through discussion the suggestions were whittled down to one per group - and what a diverse selection. EasyJet / BP / Puma / Boots Shapers / Wetherspoons. Each group created an abridged proposal for Will to get a taste of their targets and the day before Will came to the studio to meet the creative teams, a full proposal, branded, with deliverables.

And as the editor would have guessed, Will didn’t disappoint in providing each of the groups his thoughts and suggestions presented on BD2 branding as well as engaging for 30 minutes each team in a frank discussion about their aims, the likely outcomes and achievable final solutions.
Clockwise from top left : ESM present easyJet, Visceral present BP, Three Peas present Boots Shapers, 2'sCompany present Wetherspoons and Milky Coffee present Puma
Somewhere between now and final presentation in December it is hoped the groups will either have questions for Will to consider or an opportunity to show off their development to date. Watch this space for the final presentations.

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