Sunday, 2 November 2014

Happy in Paris

It’s the editors favourite time again – springtime [printemps] in Paris. Although there had been issues in reserving the groups visit to the Louvre due to the lack of old technology – a fax machine – as the group departed from Piccadilly on Monday morning for the first overnight stop in London everything was in place.

The graphics group headed for The Science Museum while the fine art group made their way down to Tate Modern.

The following morning was bright and sunny as the walk to St Pancras and EuroStar set off – the first step to the French capital – for four days of fantastic cultural opportunities.

And talking of culture, FD2Cyan and the editor had decided they’d mimic Pharrell Williams Happy video and create their own singing and dancing[!?] record of their adventure.
Much to the amazement to the rest of the carriage the first recorded section of the video was filmed as the EuroStar hurtled through Nord-pas–de-Calais it may have required five takes – but the group got the ‘footage’ and were roundly applauded by the French and Belgium travelers!

The Hotel Picardy was across the rue from the Gare du Nord, the proprietor and receptionist made registering very easy. Just as well as getting the carnet to travel on the Metro was a little more complicated but “pour moi aussi” once the editor had bough his tickets did the job for the rest of the group.
Next stop Notre Dame, a wander down the Rue de Rivoli, past the Louvre and then up the Champs Elysées for a left turn for a 7.30pm ascension of the Eiffel Tower and more Happy video. Several of the group went all the way to the top – the editor seems to get ‘afflicted’ with deputy editors who have a dislike for heights – but the café at level two was more than welcome on a breezy evening.
The following day started at the Louvre – which was busier then on any previous occasion – always amazes everyone – it’s so big you never get around everything – but the Mona Lisa is a must. Next port of call the top of the Arc du Triomphe and a sunset over Paris – stunning.

Thursday morning it’s Notre Dame, crêpes on Rue d’Arcole [two Nutella for 5€ result] up to the Pompidou Centre for Parisian modern art before heading via the metro to Sacre Coeur that provides an amazing vista of Paris. The whole group sat down to 'dinner' in the Clairon des Chasseurs and once Stephane had taken everyone's orders he agreed to dance to Happy with the editor through the restaurant and out into le Place du Tertre.
Final stop on our visit and a Marilyn Munroe moment for the Cyan girls as part of their video was the Moulin Rouge.

Lots of tired feet, lots of broken French spoken but many amazing memories once again – and a video soon to be published to marvel at some ‘Dad Dancing’! Vive la France.

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