Sunday, 2 November 2014

Keeping FD in Check!

The serious stuff of education depends on integrity and judgement. Assessment is the very lifeblood of a students development. To be guided through the course and to build upon experiences – both good and sometimes bad is how the raw recruit learns the business. The professional environment the editor arrived from 11 years ago is the yard [or should that me metric] stick that the answers to set briefs help provide the rungs to climb the career ladder.

BUT – to maintain standards, to be 100% certain that each student has achieved their correct level the FD comes under the scrutiny twice a year from an External Verifier which since the courses metamorphosed from a Higher National has been the excellent [even allowing for him being a City fan] Ian Beckett from Stockport College.

Although his expression never changed I’m sure his heart must have dropped from time to time when all the work for inspection covers the tables in the studio. His support at all the University Exam and Joint Boards of Study meetings was legendary – a better ally no one could ever wish for.
But everything has to come to an end and after five years as a beacon of fairness and a light to guide the course through ever-increasing educational demands Ian’s tenure has come to an end. Students and the editor are going to miss his human touch.

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