Sunday, 2 November 2014

Cyan disappear into the wide blue yonder

It’s funny how two years passes so quickly and another group of slightly mystified students as they sign up to the ‘boot-camp’ that is professional graphic design education spread their wings having absorbed all they could in such a short period of time.
So it was in mid-June that FDCyan brought together their final show, complete with ceiling adornments and a gazebo to wave goodbye to foundation degree and start the next part of their educational journey. For a couple industry was the next step, for the remaining seven the calling of University of Salford like a siren drew the almost fully-fledged designers for one last ‘project’.Their show, full of colour, full of both quality design work and illustration was as usual a hit and as busy as ever. Perhaps it was the Premier of the Happy in Paris video, perhaps it was the editor dressed up in an Easter bunny outfit in the girls Remotely Funny video or maybe just the fact that after two long years worth of study which have flown past they had delivered excellent results.

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