Sunday, 2 November 2014

We've Topped-Up

The essence of the FD course is for students to spend two years under the editor’s guidance and then secure a single year top-up at the University of Salford. When FDPurple departed Wigan School for the Arts in June 2013 just about all the group headed to the University.

So how would they do on a single year . . . would FD have prepared them well enough for the rigor of academic study, would they achieve good grades or just average? The editor waited with baited breath to see if his methods, his rants, his guidance, his professional spirit had delivered the group to the standard expected by the courses illustrious partner?

Four of the lads achieved a 2:1 with a couple having missed their Firsts by a mark or two [gutting!] but the gold stars were delivered by Natasha and Emily who came back to their old FD studio [Tash laughing, Emily 'hating' everyone] to talk to the groups about life at Uni who both achieved Firsts – and not only that in attending University business seminars they both secured employment at a Manchester based design company when they completed their study. Two of the 2:1 lads [to date] have gained employment in the last few weeks also.
Although a few gained 2:2's [the editor acknowledges here one of those students who has been in touch with his great news has gained design employment already] it has been proved that those who really put the effort in at the University, can achieve as ‘good-a-grade’ at a fully educated University student and saved over £6000 – not bad value for money. Why study anywhere else?

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