Saturday, 9 February 2013


It must be 3 years ago since Andy Golpys first walked into the FD studio. On that occasion he had come to see Darryl Monks who was looking for placement with Andy's company MadebyShape. Before that could happen 'Daz' has applied for a job even though he'd not completed his second years study and didn't have the experience JD Sports were looking for in their website department.

But you guessed it - they loved his enthusiasm, his skill, his desire and they employed him!!! Although the editor and Andy had regular email contact - like ships in the night . . . .
Then at the beginning of October 2012 Andy made a return visit to talk about a career in web design, placement . . . and his time lecturing at our affiliated university, so those going on to Salford would be making his association once more.

The group had to admire Andy's desire and drive in someone just 26 years old - a lesson to each one of them. Contact from FD2 has been made.

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