Saturday, 9 February 2013

Salford Key?

During October FD travelled over to the University of Salford twice. On the first occasion while the first years were in the Allerton library with Agent Paton, the editor - via a taxi race from Salford Crescent along with the second years ventured down to Salford Quay's and the University's annex to watch a presentation by Year 2 BA Students to a Manchester Moss Side community incentive named Carisma.

Posh surroundings, a proper lecturer theatre, big screen [only missing the popcorn] and all on the back row, FD2 watched as forty-odd students went through their paces directed by Tash and Jo, lecturers at the University's Allerton Studios on the BA graphics course.
Some impressive work - put as the group confirmed, nothing they couldn't match! Love their attitude!! They'll have the opportunity very soon to prove it as all of the group are applying to the BA Top-Up.

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