Sunday, 10 February 2013

Teaching? It's easy!!!

During his twenty odd years in the design industry, the Editor was very aware of the old and often quoted adage of "those who can do . . . those that can't teach!" Not for one minute did he ever think he'd need to defend the noble art. Anyone not involved in education bang on about the holiday's, the short working hours, no pressure, sitting in staff rooms drinking tea and long lunches.

Although determined never to 'study' again having left college in the late 70's and receiving the best education at the 'coal-face', returning to the class room was both a 'U-turn' and a shock to his system.

Running a company billing over £1m for several years, having on occasions arrived at the office almost sick with worry as to whether a job would get delivered on time or a client would go with the ideas the company had dedicated so many hours to . . . did nothing to prepare him for the shock of education!!
Longer hours, paperwork that must strip the earth of forests, being a social worker, carrying responsibilities beyond those a graphic designer would ever consider in their domain, never being able to figure out why students who say they want to be designers then spend all their time doing everything they can to disprove this theory . . . and sitting at a computer writing feedback into the wee-small hours!

And just to prove what the 'pack-horse' has to carry home, and not do what others do assess during sessions, a 'fly-on-the-wall' look at a often repeated view of his kitchen and lounge!
A word of advice passed on to all those under his charge . . . never go into teaching!!!

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