Monday, 11 February 2013

Studio Days

The editor normally grabs a few studio snaps before heading towards the annual St John Rigby 6th Form College presentation to promote FD. Trying to capture the atmosphere and the ambiance of 201 can be difficult - so images, in which no student was harmed, 'kind-of' starts the ball rolling.
First years busy discussing their work with the sub-editor, the second years debating current affairs in the newspaper review which is an extension of year one soapbox where they are expected to get up in front of their peers and give their opinion.
With the imminent presentation to Tony Lythgoe in mid December weighing heavily [believe it or not] on their minds, continue to work through their group Design & Production module where in selecting their future pathway's a Graphic Communicator/Web designer/Illustrator join forces to rebrand a company. See 'BRANDED' [a post yet come further up the page] for images of the groups work.

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