Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Future is Magenta!

Doesn't time fly . . . ?

It's September, it's the Parsons Walk café and it's time to enrol. Another decent size year and a mix from the three main fountains the FD course 'drinks' from. 
Four from SJR, four from ED Art & Design, six from ED Graphics and one lost soul who having experienced the pleasures of university realised that contact time at most higher education establishments is miles from the environment on the FD course at WSA.
The first day starts with induction and understanding the rules of the FD course. Then [trying] to make paper planes to fly in the stairwell . . . still confused to collect and then getting to know each other. Once all the rules and regs are sorted the group heads to Liverpool. 

A trip to Tate at Albert Dock to what the editor considers to be a fantastic exhibition – the work of Chagall. Along with the newly formed HND Fine Art all the first years met up for a day out – mind we got soaked coming back! Some enjoyed the exhibition – others didn’t get it. After two hours in the gallery the editor having been asked what he was filming and trying his best to get away with murder . . . it was time to escape!!
So another year begins, many blank faces, many wondering how they're going to get their work done by deadlines, others concerned about Soapbox or organisation presentations and standing in front of their peers and opening their mouths!

How will they do . . . only time will tell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URwU4yRemYk

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