Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bobbie Blur - if at first you don't succeed . . .

 . . . try, try and try again - that's the adage from William Edward Hickson and never more appropriately applied than in the case of an FDgreen student, Rob Blair.

We're transported back to the summer of 2007 and the despicable happens, someone removes a boxful of expensive marker pens from a studio - gone forever. When the owner, Rob, returns to college the loss is too much to bear and half way through his two year National Diploma course, against advice from his course leader and the editor, he packs it in!!

Forward another year and Rob decides to comes back to college and completes his Diploma which he does with flying [non-marker] colours. His next move is to join the FD course and that's when he at last finds himself.

Rob Blair has always had the talent, like many in his elevated position he doubts he actually has and is continually hard on himself. But one thing he always did was 'communicate' with the editor. When he hit a brick wall - which he did often, he'd take his graphic problem to the editor . . . and regularly threw his hands up in astonishment as a solution was popped back to him in the blink of an eye!

In the early days known for his inability to make a creative decision, he would design himself straight through and out the other side of a good idea. But as the back cover to his most creative piece clinically states . . . the penny finally dropped.

Strong typographically he won several live pitches on the FD course, although one did actually come back and bite him as he experienced dealing with the 'cut-throat'-money-swapping-hands world of freelance business. He also took a staring role [or his vehicle did] in FDpurples "Day in the Life" confessional featured further down the postings.
When a local design company came looking for an up-and-coming 'creative' Rob fitted the bill. Interviewed, trail period and now working full time . . . and to acknowledge the support during his two years on the FD course, Rob [far right] came back to show FDcyan his interview portfolio and explain what the role he plays at the design consists of and how much of what he learnt in the FD studio has helped him settle in to what he has always wanted to be . . . . a graphic designer. Well done Bertie!

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