Wednesday, 6 November 2013


From the days of having to draw everything - long before computers became the tool of choice in the design industry the editor has watched and been part of the shift from actual hand-skills to the control of a mouse and stylus. Not hankering for the Luddite world of smashing new technology the advancing pace of moving graphics is one, if given his time over again, would be big in to.

With the FD being affiliated to the University of Salford one of the pathways is called rather catchily MINT - which means multi-media and interactivity!

The course leader Gary Peploe [without the cap] and one of WSA's FD successes Matt Page, who gained a 'first' in completing his BA Hons study dropped by the college to show off their wares and discuss the option - and very impressive it was too!

To see what they get up to at MINT . . . follow the links.

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