Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Building a Future

The period before the show is hectic - what with all the deadlines, all the assessment, a visit from the external verifier and two trips to the University's Exam Boards - the final one being on the day of the show.

But prior to all that the group have to set about clearing the studio, getting boards up, painting them and then getting their work printed out . . . the editor then spends three days rooted to the spot mounting and cutting out the final pieces for display.

Not everyone put their backs into it - some sit around pretending they've just one last 'tweak' to do before they can help. As usual someone paints a board and then sets about walking in all the drips and trailing it around the college.
It was the students intention as part of their show to have a 'cinema' area to show off their FMP's and Confessionals and as with FDGreen last year the students had the major say on how their room and exhibition looked.

Mel went purple crazy [and I think everyone really liked the overall effect] and created a purple trail from reception - although level 3 graphics weren't happy to allow our balloons!! So from starting on the stairs two years earlier . . . it was fitting they should again play a part in their story.
To grab attention in a very busy reception on the evening of the show four of the lads created a 'break-in' video, the type of thing seen on the likes of the Batman films when Lex Luther takes over Gotham City or when some crazed 'Nerd' wants to secure world domination.

Such was the effect one visitor threw her orange juice into the air in horror. Follow the link - but be warned . . .

So a proper Higher Education do - with bourbon biscuits, cocktail sausages, fizzy pop and of course a variety of 'horizonal hootches' . . . which did leave something for the editor to clean up the following day.
The happy crew . . . Chris/Matt[hic!]/Emily/Tom/Danny/Big G/Ryan/Dec/Tash

But what an event, the break-in, the trail, the balloons and the overall look of the studio with some fabulous work was a winner. In fact the whole show from art and design to photography was a success.
Who is that handsome guy on screen?

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