Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Student Voice

What with Exam Boards and External Verifiers, Joint Boards of Study and assessment from the middle of May it is manic for all concerned with Foundation Degree.

As a student rep, something the editor is very keen to have across both years, they have to make themselves available to attend college student association meetings and at least once in their tenure travel to Salford to play a part in the Joint Board of Study where the make-up of the course is discussed.
For the final board of the year, Adam, Melissa, Chloe and Matt ventured to the University along with the editor. It may look like a cell, but it isn't quite as bad as that. With a chairman and several members of the University teaching staff the group discussed their progress. Yes, it may be a touch daunting with so much academia bouncing off the walls but it gives the students the opportunity to see the depth of the structure that goes to make up their course.
In the next academic year a new group of reps will continue to carry the standard and argue from the students perspective.

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