Thursday, 11 July 2013

Show Us Yours . . .

How easy is it to become insular? Very!

Getting off "ones derriere" at this time of the year can require enormous effort. Going to other shows can be a double edged sword. There can be fabulous work and students get psyched-out or they can think, "hmmm in another year I'll be better than that".

A month ago five FD2 students and the editor ventured to Salfords' MediaCity exhibition to see what was on offer. No doubting the location with the big screens, the quay's, the trams, the in-your-face graphics. The University has several floors of one of the buildings and up on the second was a brass band and the 'big-plasmas' showing off loads of great designs. Digital media, product design, advertising, architecture.
One of the highlights was the TV studio and the opportunity for Chris to do the weather. Across the corridor was a rehearsal of a programme created by the University's students due to go out live.
Out of that building and into the BBC! Graphic Design and Fine Art on display there - what a brilliant place to view design with 'punters' streaming into the television studios for recorded performances. Before the return to Salford Crescent station time to be treated by the editor in Pizza Express!!

The following week, the editor through an invitation from one of the Foundation Degree's start pupils Janine Wilcock ended up in the middle of Manchester in the basement of a warehouse called 2022.
This is where the University's BA [Hons] graphics course had their 'private show' for friends and family and on the following night industry. WE MADE A SHOW . . . down an almost sheer flight of stairs to a typical design basement environment. Armed with his beer token the editor set about enjoying the work on display.
A nod in the direction of the University's staff, a bottle in hand time to admire the work on show. The basement reminded the editor of the days of the old Pagefield Mill in Wigan. Very enjoyable.

And the last event on the editors calendar was the local 6th Form College's show. St John Rigby have provided well over a dozen students to the FD course - of which six graduated this year. There is always a really good family atmosphere at the show and some very decent work on show too. The four students heading to WSA next year all showed themselves.
The editor would like to take the opportunity to welcome Emma, Hayley, Dean & Chris to FD Magenta

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