Sunday, 23 June 2013


The first of several end of the year postings. What a hectic time - but then nothing unusual there for the Team and students of FD Graphics.

The best place to start is to look at the four chosen designs by FD1 to be this years End of Year Show identity - something year one whether as part of HND Graphics or latterly FD Graphics have taken on from being a way of publicising their own show to creating the graphics for all the Art School courses.

It's a difficult task with those not involved only as onlookers being critical of the final solution. But as with everyone of the previous seven years the group came up trumps.
Josh Dinsmore, Chloe Pierce, Rosie Beattie and Beth Pugh were selected from the group of 10 to go forward to the voting process by the Art School students.

The four sets designs were put up in the foyer. Over 150 votes were cast and the winner by a clear margin was design number four by Beth Pugh.
Shame the editor didn't photograph them better. Credit goes to Beth who through several long shifts at Tesco still managed to get all nametags completed in time for the show - the rest of the group would like to take some credit too - the editor will let them argue that out with Beth.

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