Sunday, 4 January 2015

Creative Pitch

The first module in year 2 is Design and Production. Within groups, the teams select a company to re-brand or re-launch and that is the easy bit – what is difficult is that they have to put together a proposal and sell the idea to an industry professional who to all intent and purposes is the client. This year Will Bentley, principal of BD2 accepted the challenge [see “Where there’s a Will”].

Once those first meetings had taken place and direction given the groups had to go to work in designing, costing and considering how best to create the new look or new message.

The culmination of two months hard effort, the odd ‘fall-out’, the odd creative spat, the teams were ready to present their ideas once again to Will. In taking them all out of their comfort zone the editor booked a room in the professional studies building, top floor . . . ready to act like real professionals.

Each group had the opportunity to customize their presentation in hanging posters, providing an aircraft seat, providing food and drink as part of their presentations. First up were Visceral and their repositioning of BP after the Gulf disaster explaining the Big Possibilities [BP] that the company had in an attempt to re-establish all the good things the company has undertaken over the years.
Visceral present BP to Will : Dean, Chris R and Chris P
 Second group, ESM Creative took on the challenge to smarten up and add a bit of class the eastJet with great ads, new livery and iPads for hire as the main thrust of their presentation. A sparkling new logo also caught the eye.
ESM deliver their new easyJet branding. On the right Mel, Simone and Emma
The next group, Milky Coffee took on an urban challenge by identifying a gap in the market for one of the worlds biggest and best know sports goods companies [but not fashion wear] Puma. Linked with clothing ‘styled’ by Pharrell Williams the group created a ten second viral ‘sting’, flagship stores, publicity and break-in opportunities in cities and towns the night before a Pharrell gig. The group also screen printed t-shirts, hoodies, sweats and presented one of their creations to Will.
Milky Coffee urbanize Puma and provide Will with his own bespoke Sweatshirt. On the left Dec, Danny and Billy
The penultimate group was one, which Will was really looking forward to. 2’s Company had decided that the tired and unconnected corporate look of Wetherspoon’s taverns and hotels was in their sights. A nice corporate wood-cut look and a simplification of their overly complicated menus. Their gift was three relabelled bottle of beer.
With free beer as a gift [or bribe] to Will, megan and Ben deliver the new look for Wetherspoons
The final group stole the show, Rachel, Heather and Hayley, the 3 Peas took on Boots lunchtime menu and their Shapers range of sandwiches, drinks and bars. Although not the worst design ever, the group who spent time in the local store to watch the shoppers snack selections completely re-branded and renamed the range and blew Will away. 
Hello delightful! Rachel, Heather and Hayley blow Will away scoring 9.9/10 - he never gives a 10!
Hello delightful is fresh, colourful, engaging and the publicity that surrounded it linked the whole new look into a new store position and new proposition to entice the hungry shopper to go for a healthy under 500 calorie alternative with the Boots assurance of quality. The girls had taken the time to discover the type of sandwich Will likes and presented his choice in their new packaging.

Even a visit from the new head of Higher Education didn’t put the group off.

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