Monday, 5 January 2015

Cann Do!

Back in November 2011 Brian Cannon graced the pages of the FD blogsite after opening a photographic studio in the middle of Wigan. Although he has created many fantastic designs he will always be best know for his work with the groups Verve and Oasis.

Through Jordan in FD1, who has regular contact with Brian in the local Northern Soul music scene, the Foundation Degree course was graced with his presence one Thursday morning before Christmas.

The editor, being a few years older than our guest, recognised Brian’s traditional way of working and his graphic terminology and smiled at his design analogies.

For an hour he held students from both FD courses, level three graphics and art & design under his spell as he recounted the events that led him to meet both Richard Ashcroft and Noel Gallagher and then the sky-rocket ascension to design immortality!
It would be remiss of the editor to pass on those stories – other than to say "a pint of milk and adidas trainers".

Brian has recently moved into the old Wigan courts and refurbished an office and in moving all his ‘stuff’ he came upon all kinds of original design work, which on Friday 12 December he auctioned online.

To have a look at his move/office/auction follow the link . . .