Sunday, 30 September 2012


Four weeks in and we have 10 FD1 and 16 FD2 students and the change in the second years is already very clear to see. The group all headed off to the University of Salford a week last Wednesday for Industry Day, several lectures by seasoned professionals, both designers and illustrators.

To get the first years Up-and-Running, following a day of FD ethos and loads of paperwork the group headed off to Tate Liverpool for the Turner, Monet & Twombly exhibition - what a shame visitors cannot take images in the gallery. There was a fleeting appearance from one student who thought the challenge was too much and so decided not to remain onboard.

Wigan to Liverpool is an hour long journey on an ever increasingly busy train, squeezing through the standstone cut tunnels before emerging into the editors home town station . . . that have been the start of many-a-journey.
FD1 from left to right : Becky, half hidden Chloe, Rosie, Sophie before another fall, Naomi, Beth, Karl, JoshW, JoshD,
the departed Mr Hodkinson and Matty
Arriving at Lime Street station the group wandered through Liverpool 1, via the Apple Mac shop  - and a play with all the latest 'must-haves', then down to Albert Dock. There was a minor 'medical' but on the whole once inside the 'hushed' caverns of the old warehouse the day took on a different complextion.

So it's time to stand an look. Three very different and yet unusually three quite similar exhibits on show. The editor visited the Turner exhibition at Tate Britain several years ago but hadn't viewed this work of Monet or seen anything by Twombly. It was all new for the group and it was great to see them wandering and discussing and considering . . . shame the day is over so quick.

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