Friday, 17 August 2012

. . . and it starts all over again!

Place : Studio 201. Activity : the new second years go to work!

Last year, Matt and Swaddy from FDOrange, who had finished their course came back in and helped the editor rebuild the studio after their exhibition. That was a first - as usually the editor has to lug the boards and tables about himself.

But as ever you can't please everyone and one or two aired their concerns over the build. So, being a diplomatic sort the editor invited those who had other ideas to come back into the studio to arrange their working environment.

On Tuesday only half the class arrived, several didn't even respond to the invite - looks like the editor going to have to reintroduce his favourite word that the summer has removed from some of the groups memory . . . COMMUNICATE!

Big thanks to those who did arrive - in the picture below Emma/Adam/TomS/Chris/JoshH - out of camera Jemma/JoshA/Emily/Natasha.

1 comment:

  1. Was fun to do the build Dave!

    Thanks for the opportunity! :)