Monday, 25 June 2012

St John Rigby Show

'Tis the season for art shows . . . and twice within a few weeks the editor has ventured to other institutions (hmmm, sounds a little "one flew over the cuckoo nest" like that) to cast a 'critical' eye over the work on display. The first was MediaCity with all it's posturing and on Monday evening it was the more humble setting of St John Rigby 6th form college - which has over the last couple of years provided quite a number of FD students.
There was a completely different feel between Salford Quay's and Orrell as you'd expect. The community that the college is built around was obvious, with tablecloth covered tables, a barbecue doing great business, a quartet of musicians playing and an ice-cream van on one of the few sunny evenings in June handing out cornets and 99's!
The atmosphere was friendly, bustling, and full of pride in the students exhibition. One lad took the microphone and presented a very witty-ditty on The World Cup to those gathered - very good.
The art and design work, which is why the editor was there and not for the 'burger-on-a-bap' was quite excellent. A varied display of great illustrations, digital graphics, photography and effective use of multi-media.
Congratulations to all the staff and the students exhibiting for a great show set within a 'family' environment.

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