Monday, 25 June 2012

Garden of Eden

So . . . the serpent deceived Eve into eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and all hell (literally) broke out. Adam persuaded by the woman also took a bite and when God said "what you two up to?" they blamed each other, the serpent and God himself. Unhappy at providing such a wonderful environment and then getting flack for it, God condemned man to a life of toil and woman to the pain of childbirth and chucked them out of the Garden! So he loses a rib and his 'Des-Res'.
Transport yourself forward a century or ten to London at the end of May 2012. Not so much the Garden of Eden but Covent Garden and our latter day Adam & Eve.
The award winning advertising agency visited by FD in 2011 who welcomed the group with open arms are facing temptation once again.
For the purpose of our Biblical comparison and probably wrongly cast as the serpent by the editor DDB came-a-calling to offer the couple untold 'fruit' to sample. In fact it looks like the take over could be a way of supporting what is reported in the advertising press as a 'flagging' DDB. Two of the creative directors at A&E Ben and Emer - who the group unluckily ran out of time to meet back in March left DDB to join A&E.
The three founders of A&E, Murphy, Golding and Priest seem to have secured decent high-ranking positions within the new Adam&Eve/DDB. Good friend of FD Graphics Mat Goff chief account executive in email conversation confirmed everyone the group had met was safe.
He was looking forward to the 'pretty powerful combination' taking the market by storm. Only downside, a move from their home in Shorts Gardens to Paddington - the editor could try (tenuously and in a contrived way) to link the aforementioned district of London to the Bear of the same name from Peru and that South American country's ManĂº National Park's biosphere reserve to the Garden of Eden . . . but perhaps not!

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