Saturday, 26 November 2011

You Can Lead a Horse to Water . . !

Not every student who starts a (now defunct) HND or FD Graphic Design course at Wigan School for the Arts ends up going into the industry. Some end up working for their fathers roofing company, others go on to manage Bon Marché or Lidl stores. I've known one go to China and teach English!

The editor having a penchant for cycling although gravity has the tendency to hold him back, recalls one particular student, then in ND Graphics, mocking his lycra-clad body!

Although the best designer in his year by some way - his UPS corporate Identity redesign coming in for particular praise - this young 'buck' so far hasn't found his way in to the design world.

But what he has managed to do, is become a very good cyclist - winning his first Third Category race around  Dolphinholme during the late summer. In the space of one racing season, having been sponsored by 'High-on-Bikes' and latterly MaxGear, Mike Ashurst has reached 2nd Category. A few weeks ago he stopped for a break at Cedar Farm Mawdesley with his sponsor - and to Mike's great surprise was introduced to Bradley Wiggins - who has invited him on a winter training ride!!!

But the good news doesn't end there. Champion System, one of the sponsors, who design cycling kit have asked Mike to get involved in the creation of their new lines. As Duffers would have said 'Cheapeax!'

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