Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cannon Can!

Richard Ashcroft of the Verve with Brian Cannon
Even if you didn't rate the music of Oasis, the editor being a 'posh' scouser grew up with the Beatles and was never really convinced the Gallagher Brothers music was 'original' - there is no doubting that Oasis owned a ten year period from the mid-nineties.

What with Inspiral Carpets, New Order, Stone Roses, the Charlatans and perhaps a vague shadow thrown out by Verve and following on from the ground breaking Hacienda club Manchester became the capital of music. Maybe not with the same impact as the design work of Peter Saville, Brian Cannon can lay claim to being one of the most influential designers within that music scene.

But the editor is left wondering how many of you know Brian? Graphic designer, photographer and video director - maybe he is best know for his design consultancy Microdot . . . never heard of them?

Their design work sits on the shelf of every 'Manchester' music lover. He created the album covers for Oasis's Definitely Maybe, What's the Story Morning Glory and Be Here Now. He was also instrumental in the design of the Verve's Urban Hymns.

And why are we bringing this to your attention - word of thanks here to Mel Morris?

Well, yesterday Brian and Dave Halliwell (the manager of the Verve) opened a 'Pop-Up' photography studio and exhibition space for Microdot next to the old Shoe Zone shop in the Galleries and today Jayde Melling, a HND student from a year or two back said she had met up with Brain . . . and that was a real experience!!!

The 'Studio' is there until 23 January - got to be worth popping along!

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