Friday, 22 September 2017

. . . I did it MY way . . .

On Thursday 30th March I closed the HE graphic design studio door at Wigan School for the Arts for the last time . . .

Having, just over 14 years earlier ventured into education - something I swore I'd never do - and during that period gained so much knowledge about the world of art and design - knowledge which I didn't even know existed  . . . the demands of education, the needless checks and double checks by those who knew little about the demands of the design business resulted in the final straw falling upon this camels back!

Along the way I met so many great people in the business [mentioned many times in the pages of this blog] had so much support from people I held as 'Gods' who became friends, being paid to take students to Paris and introduce them to culture beyond belief and to have worked with several very special individuals within the walls of WSA and battled against apathy from many others . . . I leave to others to evaluate if the job, the direction, the life skills, the humour and at times the brutal and yet caring hand that guided them was worthy of praise "there were times when I bit off more . . ." my own measure would always be how many made the business, how many look back with fondness at their time on HND / FdA / HND and still ask to be friends on FB.

Exciting times, some great design work from students, some amazing visits to those who we'd all like to be . . . great end of year shows, but too many times sat here at my ageing iMac until the wee-small hours assessing and brief writing took it's toll.

Design was my career, from the first double page spread in Sea Angler to the most amazing reception from this country's pre-eminent advertising agency the 38 year journey "travelling each and every highway" . . . has reached its terminus.

I've left my shoes for someone else to fill . . .

First Footings will remain as testament to ALL of those who travelled the road with me.

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