Wednesday, 20 May 2015


For many a long year the editor has been asking the University for the opportunity to just hang-out at Mediacity and experience life as an undergraduate.

Discussed at a very recent Joint Board of Study as one of the actions was to get the group in for some feet-finding and the chair was thrilled that an event had been organised.

So last week under the excellent guidance of the level 5 leader, Darren Raven FD Magenta arrived at Mediacity and were thrown straight into the deep end in small groups to work through concept thinking . . . it was great to hear the chatter, laughter and for the groups to come up with some real off-the-wall ideas.
The flip-chart sheets were filled with associated words, ideas and creative directions and for most of the group heading to the University they are safe in the knowledge that as their level 5 lecturer they had connected with Darren instantly.

Once the brainstorming was over the editors daughter acted as a chaperone to point the group in the right direction for the stop-frame animation studio, the mac rooms, the break-out rooms and the best places to grab lunch.

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