Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Being Organised

As part of their first years Personal & Academic Development module in groups of two the FD1 LIME students had to research and present information of five industry-based organisations or publications. The five under scrutiny this year were D&AD /  Pentagram / Tate / Design Museum / Creative Review.

The groups had to research their origins, what roles they play what membership costs and how they can assist in the group becoming better designers and artists.
From the left : Creative Review with Lucy and Jordan, Tate with Hannah and Jack and Design Museum with Naomi and Luke. Later presentations by Andy, James and Zeta ended up on the cutting room floor.
Initial contact with the audience was through a poster [or in the case of Tate four posters], a handout and finally a five-minute presentation, all created in the graphic style of that organisation.

The editor is very keen to take the students out of their comfort zone by presenting to their peers and feeling the pressure of ‘talking’ to an audience. The results were impressive – and no expense was spared . . . by Andy who provided D&AD t-shirts for each of the group . . . and several ink cartridges for his flyer!

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