Friday, 15 March 2013

Top-Up Triumphs

In the previous post (16 into 1) the litmus test was about to provide results. How many of the 16 students from FD2 would successfully achieve a single year top-up?

The Process
Just in case anyone is unclear how the Foundation Degree works - the ultimate is for students to opt for the cheaper - but in no way as far as study is concerned inferior two year course, working with The University of Salford modules, getting a huge slice of professional practice, being moulded to the way of the design industry talks and walks . . . then after full-on 100% commitment the objective is to secure a final year at the University to gain a BA(Hons) having had a hands-on education in a smaller pond.

On the return from a brilliant London trip (see London 2013) the interviews started. Admittedly the administration hiccups that seems to blight education did have one or two chasing around confirming times and dates - but with portfolios complete the interviews began . . .

On the afternoon of Wednesday 6 March two members of the Salford Team were heading over to the School of the Arts to meet with the Editor to discuss how as a partnership the final year top-up can be the rule rather than the exception with only 'Agent' Wilcock achieving a single year opportunity in September 2012.

The cost of University places are becoming very prohibitive, in the academic year 2014/15 students going on from WSA will have to stump up £8,750. The current 'crop' having registered with the University in September 2011 at the start of their first year of FD will only be paying the lower previous fee.

But as the Editors guests were pulling into the Art School car park news filtered through that the first four FD2 students had all been offered a single year top-up . . . result!!!

Since then another graphic communication student has been offered a single year, one of the group was offered two years and he acknowledged he needs the extra time to develop his skills further and three of the illustrators have been offered two years. There are a handful of the group still to arrive for interview -  they take place on 26 March

There is a definite pattern emerging . . . if students put a real 'shift' in from the first day they walk through the door of 201 it pays off. Go off the boil, spend more time being 'social' than hitting deadlines, don't turn up to sessions . . . then every day a student misses reduces the likelihood of securing a single year . . . and that can be expensive!!

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