Sunday, 2 October 2011

The first brick!

As I didn't save my first draft . . . I'll not be making that same mistake again . . . I set off on my first ever BLOG - hang on tight as it won't be pretty! 

Having purchased for my company (Georgia AD) our first Mac in 1990, and then rung the Apple shop in Liverpool every hour, on the hour for a month to solve the most basic of problems here I am sat in my kitchen in front of my iMac which costs less then a tenth of the 'mind-boggling' IIfx ready to bring the Foundation Degree in Graphic Design at Wigan School for the Arts alive!!!

But to start we must go backwards to the past. When I returned after 24 years to my career birthplace what existed then really doesn't bare much comparison to the vibrant studio that bounces along today.

Higher National Diplomas in Graphic Design was being swallowed up by Universities opening up their doors to 'all-comers'. With every parent wanting their Johnny (or Joanna) to be the first in the family to have secured a BA Honours, even if many weren't up to the task, our USP's of 'hands-on, caring, industry professionals always in the classroom' was starting to look a little more than tired.

Over three years ago Wigan School for the Arts and all the clever professional educationalist over in lofty Parson's Walk opened discussions with Salford University (or should I say University of Salford Manchester to give it's new brand title) . . . and we haven't looked back since.

The idea is to provide two years of tough, industrial based education here in Wigan, linked in with professionals from the industry, coupled with academic rigor so that should FD students wish to finish off their study in a final year to gain a BA Honours at Salford, the opportunity is there for them.

But . . . and it is a big BUT, students have got to want it. No one will get the success they set off in search of if they don't commit everything they have to their study . . . and as many students who have passed through FD will testify . . . it can be a scary journey!!

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